Mechanical Ventilation & Air Conditioning

The mechanical ventilation & air conditioning (MVAC) system which is hidden above the ceilings or behind walls is an important component that can affect the ‘health’ of a building. It acts as lungs and circulation system which maintain the ventilation and thermal comfort of the whole building which can have direct impact on the health and productivity of individuals occupying the building. Thus, it is essential to understand the condition of our MVAC system.

We provide consultancies on MVAC system and air handling unit (AHU) to conduct regular inspection at least once every six months as stated in Industry Code of Practice on Indoor Air Quality 2010 published by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) Malaysia.

Robotic Duct Inspection
AHU Inspection

Above the ceiling or below the ground, there lies a network of mechanical ventilation & air conditioning system which sends clean and cooled air throughout the building. Even though the system is hidden within the building structure, the condition of this extensive ducting can determine the quality of air people inhale.

Air Handling Unit is the breathing lung of the building, which distributes filtered cooled supply air throughout the mechanical ventilation & air conditioning system and admits return air  from the building. A well-maintained air handling unit ensures a good air quality with optimum thermal comfort for the building occupants.

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