Remediation & Maintenance

When an issue is detected in our indoor environment especially one that can affect our health, remediation should be carried out accordingly in order to reverse the negative impact caused and maintain a healthy environment for workers and building occupants. In fact, remediation should be carried out periodically at least once a year as prevention is better than cure. More attentions should be given to buildings where people who are susceptible to diseases such as children, elders and patients occupy.

Besides consultancies, we customize comprehensive remediation services for indoor environment of your building to solve the specific issue identified during inspection. From problem identification to problem solving, we have you covered!

MVAC & AHU Remediation
Biological Decontamination & Sanitization
Kitchen Exhaust System Degreasing

Hidden from people’s view, the maintenance of mechanical ventilation & air conditioning system and air handling unit is easily neglected which can lead to poor air quality within the building. A remediation of once every 6 months is needed to prolong the lifespan of the system besides guaranteeing clean air for building occupants.

Microbes such as bacteria and fungi thrive when the environment is humid. Thus, decontamination and sanitization using EPA-certified non-toxic products should be done as a preventive measure or solution to control the population of microbes in the air, on the ceiling and on the furniture surface to ensure 100% protection towards infestation of microbes

A poorly maintained kitchen exhaust duct is one of the causes of fire outbreak in the kitchen as the accumulated grease in the ducting system provides fuel for the spread of flames. It is advisable to have the kitchen exhaust duct serviced as a fire prevention besides ensuring the hygiene of the food preparing process.